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The Maasroute PLASMOLENThe Maasroute PLASMOLENThe Maasroute PLASMOLEN

The Maasroute PLASMOLEN

Tip of Gaby and William, because:

...this cycle route runs through the most beautiful parts of this area. Woods, hills, water: it’s all here. And turn the following tip to your advantage: follow the route leftward rather than rightward, unless you want to work hard at getting in shape! The route includes a number of steep climbs, created by the lateral moraine of Nijmegen. After all, this route takes you through two landscapes, the lateral moraine of Nijmegen and the river plain created by the Maas. However, a steep climb also means a reward in the shape of beautiful breathtaking panoramas. Between Middelaar and Mook the route runs along the Maas, and beyond Heumen along the straight Maas-Waal canal. Heumen lies on the end of a strip of river dunes, stretching beyond Wijchen. The northern part of the route runs round the Heumensoord woods. The enormous diversity of scenery makes this a highly varied route.