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Walking with stories PLASMOLENWalking with stories PLASMOLENWalking with stories PLASMOLEN

Walking with stories PLASMOLEN

Tip of Gaby and William, because:

...the guide won’t give you a list of boring facts, but instead they’ll talk enthusiastically about the area and its history. If you’d like to learn more about the area in a fun way, we recommend a guided walk with a (free) guide. From Easter until the end of October you have a choice between three walks (ranging between 7 and 10 kilometres): 1. An excursion into the history of the hamlet of de Biesselt 2. Following the Oranje-Nassau brothers to the Mookerheide 3. Following part of the River Maas. If you’re staying in our park in low season you can also follow the routes without a guide. To ensure you won’t get lost there are three walkers booklets containing stories and interesting facts.

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