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Dirk Das Pad MOOKDirk Das Pad MOOKDirk Das Pad MOOK

Dirk Das Pad MOOK

Tip of Gaby and William, because:

...parents will enjoy the walk while the little ones are exploring. Sometimes our children get bored during a walk. That’s when such a 'hunt' is ideal. It starts and ends at Herberg-Restaurant 't Zwaantje in Mook. Dirk Das had mapped out an adventurous 2.5 kilometre route especially for children aged 5 – 10. It starts right from the kick-off; children receive a fun key map packed with games, activities and questions to entertain them on the way. This makes them bursting to go. It makes the woods even more fun! It’s also good to know that 't Zwaantje hires out a type of carts. Convenient for picnic gear and supplies or children who are too young to walk far.

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