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Wim & Tilly Meeussen MOOK

Tip of Gaby and William, because:

...William’s parents were the founders of our business. You’re right, this is not a real tip, but we’d like to tell you a bit more. The 'Meeussens' are true locals, you see. They know everything and everyone in this region. They are proud of the area and this love is at the heart of everything they do. How did they start? Well, William’s father used to work as a chef in 't Zwaantje, the family business. In his spare time he built a number of bungalows next to 't Zwaantje and later he saw possibilities for developments in Plasmolen. Not merely for commercial purposes, though. The fact is that the Meeussens are people who have trouble sitting still, and moreover they love welcoming people and pampering them. Wim and Tilly still genuinely enjoy holidaymakers who are having a great time. They are people who appreciate the beauty of the surrounding area, the peace and quiet of the woods and the friendliness of the Limburgers.