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Niersstraat 12 GENNEPNiersstraat 12 GENNEPNiersstraat 12 GENNEP

Niersstraat 12 GENNEP

Tip of Gaby and William, because:

... Marieke’s shop sells the sweetest and most beautiful, fun and cheerful children’s items. Toys, clothing, books, cards, lunch boxes and infinitely more. Older children (i.e. adults) will also find plenty to suit their tastes here. It’s impossible not to find something you like. Niersstraat 12 is one of those shops only the locals know about. Cosy, small and filled to the brim. There’s so much to like that you simply don’t know where to look first. And once you’ve made your choice, Marieke will gift-wrap it for you. It isn’t just fun to be the recipient, it’s also fun to be the giver. This shop is located in a street which, as the name suggests, is called Niersstraat. When you’re outside Gennep Town Hall, it’s the street appearing in front of Museum het Petershuis (on the right).

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