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Mountainbike routes RIJK VAN NIJMEGENMountainbike routes RIJK VAN NIJMEGENMountainbike routes RIJK VAN NIJMEGEN

Mountainbike routes RIJK VAN NIJMEGEN

Tip of Gaby and William, because:

...after a strenuous ride it’s wonderful to recover yourself in our bungalows. The surrounding area is famous and notorious among - and dreaded by - mountain bikers, for the woods and (dirt) roads around our bungalows are really something. The Nijmegen area hosted the Dutch Mountain Bike Championships and is known for its 'Hell of Groesbeek' and NTFU classic 'Groesbeek Gruwelijkste' ('Groesbeek Gruesomest'). This means vicious climbs, as seen in the Euro Cup, various single tracks, many climbs, both quick and longer descents, a famous 'trauma path' and a real 'carrot path'. Their location isn’t the only reason our bungalows are a great base – we offer cyclists a lot of extras: 

  • You can safely store your bikes in a well-locked garage and the garden hose has been unreeled.
  • Bike trouble? We know several bicycle repairers who can mend your bike, also in the evening. Should this be impossible, we’ll make sure you’ll get a good replacement. 
  • Does someone in your party need a bike? We‘ll make sure there’s one waiting for them for a reasonable rent.
  • Would you like a (full) weekend programme? Please contact us and we will organise it. It might include a clinic, for example.