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Art Colony Plasmolen PLASMOLENArt Colony Plasmolen PLASMOLENArt Colony Plasmolen PLASMOLENArt Colony Plasmolen PLASMOLEN

Art Colony Plasmolen PLASMOLEN

Tip of Gaby and William, because:

... these artists improve our surrounding area. Of course the opposite applies too: our area is a source of inspiration to many. Plasmolen was officially recognised as an Art Colony in 2009, which means that experts have concluded that the situation in Plasmolen is comparable to that of 130 other, well-known places where artists used to live and work. The art group has more than 30 members, who create works in various disciplines and styles. Among others, the group comprises painters, sculptors, photographers and gold- and silversmiths, and it organises a Studio Route every September, among other events. The Studio Route is a (cycling) route running past all studios. In addition, several members teach painting workshops. The website contains links to these members’ sites.

Website Kunst Kolonie Plasmolen