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BliXem Eatery NIJMEGENBliXem Eatery NIJMEGENBliXem Eatery NIJMEGEN

BliXem Eatery NIJMEGEN

Tip of Gaby and William, because: can eat great but inexpensive food here, and it also sells a surprising selection of gifts. However, BliXem’s true strength is its employees. People with learning difficulties get hands-on experience of what it’s like to work. The staff are enthusiastic and friendly, very attentive to guests and gladly make your cup of cappuccino or prepare your lunch or dinner. And just as gladly they will gift-wrap your present. For this they will take all the time they need. After all, unwinding is what a holiday is for! There are more of these type of establishments in the vicinity. Why not drop in at Xieje (, Zandstraat, Gennep), De Kunstschat, ( Markt, Gennep), or Bij Koos (, Raadhuisplein, Ottersum)

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