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Pitch & Putt MOLENHOEKPitch & Putt MOLENHOEKPitch & Putt MOLENHOEK

Pitch & Putt MOLENHOEK

Tip of Gaby and William, because:’s a fun group activity. More challenging than miniature golf but easier than regular golf. A round of Pitch & Putt (18 holes) takes around two to two-and-a-half hours. From the tee to the flag the length of the holes varies between 30 and 90 metres, so the distances are relatively short. Speaking of challenging, the pitch & putt course in Molenhoek is one of the most challenging ones in the Netherlands. There’s even a foot golf course. Another advantage is that you can leave your golf ability license and expensive equipment at home. Even absolute beginners will be able to handle a game of Pitch & Putt! Experienced golf players can significantly improve their short game (which is 70% of the game!) Don’t forget to bring suitable shoes. No heels and no coarse treads. And if you don’t...? What shoe size do you take? We may have suitable shoes for you in our cupboard!

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