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Tip of Gaby and William, because:

...artist Yvon van Bergen is a creative, versatile, inspiring and fun personality to get to know. Yvon has been voted 10th most appreciated artist in the Netherlands. She’s always on the move, busy with new projects, and busy with colours in particular. Colour on canvas; Yvon paints probing portraits containing rich colour patterns, but she also uses colour on furniture. Using various techniques and creativeharebrained schemes, she applies Annie Sloan’s chalk paint onto furniture, among other things. Mostly second-hand furniture, which she gives back its sparkle. You can buy this 'miracle paint', as she calls it, from her. It’s miraculous because you needn’t prime or sand before applying the paint. This colourspecialist loves sharing her expertise and teaches various workshops in the studio in her 'inspiration house'. Students and passers-by alike can have a look here. Yvon would gladly show you around. Various items are also available in her web shop. For studio opening hours go to or call 06 33 05 76 28 if you’d like to visit outside opening hours. That’s no problem!

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