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Neighborhood market Breedeweg GROESBEEKNeighborhood market Breedeweg GROESBEEKNeighborhood market Breedeweg GROESBEEK

Neighborhood market Breedeweg GROESBEEK

Tip of Gaby and William, because: can buy organic and sustainable regional produce here, such as wines from Groesbeek wine farm De Colonjes. In the pavement café of this supermarket/tearoom you can try the local wines as well as the beers from Bierbrouwerij de Hemel in Nijmegen. You’ll be in good company, because Queen Maxima visited here too. She visited Buurtmarkt Breedeweg to award the shop an 'Appeltje van Oranje', an award for socially responsible businesses. Concerning the Groesbeek wines: there are several wine farms in the village (guided tours are also available). Every last weekend in September the village wine festivities draw more than 20,000 visitors ( If you continue towards Groesbeek village centre, 'De Zuidmolen' appears on your right. Its selection of various types of bread mixes, flour, seeds, nuts, fruit, cake mixes, grain and baking tins is a true paradise for amateur bakers

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